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We are an innovative partner, offering you the complete process chain when it comes to materials and products – from the manufacture of basic materials, planning and development of components and large-scale technical production to quality and testing services.

Our special branch is consulting and technical assistance. Among others, we are able to inform you about:

  • Mechanical and physical characteristics of the material
  • Thermal shock and high temperature resistance
  • Optimum exploitation of the advantages of fibrous composite materials
  • Optimum utilization of materials in component design
  • Component development
  • Prototyping
  • Testing recommendations... Etc.

Products - Glass Industry

Take out holders - Inserts

Floating System

Holder and insert are mounted as “floating System”. The insert is flexibly secured and can thus compensate for tolerances in the process.

Quick change System

Standard holder for rapid changing of graphite gripper inserts, available in sizes 2” to 4 3/8”, as open or closed holders.

We also manufacture any other model according to drawing (e.g. double drop, etc.)

Pusher Fingers

We manufacture pusher fingers to customer specifications from graphite or CFC for safe conveyance from the depositing plate to the conveyor belt. Raw CFC parts for individual machining are also available.

Material recommendation: CF260 or CF260Q.

Transfer Pads

We produce plates from graphite or CFC to your specifications for safe guiding of hollow glass products in the transfer unit. Raw CFC material with dimensions 450x450x6,35/ 8/ 9,5 and 12,7 is available for individual machining.

Material recommendation: CF260 or CF260Q.

Stacker Bar Pads


CFC feed pusher triangles have proved themselves very well when inserted or riveted to aluminum brackets. We recommend our Q-impregnation, due to the high temperature involved in this area.

Q-impregnation protects components against oxidation and, consequently, prolongs the service life. Raw CFC material with dimensions 450x450x6,35/ 8/ 9,5 and 12,7 is available for individual machining.

Material recommendation: CF264Q


We supply standard triangular feed pushers made of isostatic molded graphite for flexible adjustment to suit the bottle diameters involved.

Material recommendation: FE679 or FE679Q.


Graphite has proved extremely effective as a contact material in hot glass handling when it comes to the production of screens and cones and the assembly of both individual units. The demands made on graphite are extremely high, because both high temperature stress and high mechanical wear are involved. Utilization of an anti-oxidation impregnation (Q) is advisable.

Material recommendation: FE49Q or FE779Q.

Tubular Glass

Carbon, graphite and CFC components are used as conveyor rollers, transfer surfaces and cams in the production of tubular glass using the Dunner or Velo techniques. The materials should, depending on the application, be protected against oxidation on the drawing track. Please contact our technical department for a material recommendation.

Household glass

Our porous graphite FU4960 is used for moulds in the household glass industry. Schunk supplies this material as blank or completely finished. FU4960 is characterized by high capacity of absorbing and dispersing water, high gas permeability, excellent thermal shock resistance and a long lifetime.

High Temperature Applications

Plates, profiles and connection elements for furnaces

Standard material for furnace lining. Schunk supplies plates for design applications, as raw material for connectors and as insulation lining.

Felts and foils for furnaces

Schunk manufactures and supplies soft and hard felts. These graphite felts can be used with vacuum or inert gas at temperatures up to 2.800ºC.

The material used to form the graphite felt is natural graphite in scales. The thermal and chemical treatment leads to expanded loose elements which, without agglomerative, can be compacted in blade shape. This particle alignment produces an high degree of anisotropy in the material characteristics.

CFC Batch Carriers

Two manufacturing processes for the production of CFC fixtures have established themselves, namely machined grids and water jet cut grids.

We give you five good reasons to use CFC Batch Carriers:

  • 100% more load capacity
  • Automation option
  • Short process durations
  • Long service life
  • High degree of efficiency

Other Furnace Components

We also manufacture CFC wound components, CFC machined parts and graphite components in a variety of designs as pre-fabricated or machined parts to your specifications (e.g. cooling fans and heating elements).

Hard Metal Industry (Vidia)

Schunk manufactures and supplies plates and holders for vacuum or controlled atmosphere furnaces for soothing of hard metal bars and plates, known as vidia, which later will be used on the manufacturing of hardware, cutting tools, drills, drifts, etc. We can also manufacture any kind of piece, plate or holder necessary to this application.

Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer

Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer (CFRP)


  • High Strength
  • High Rigidity
  • Agressiv Media
  • Low Weight

Carbon Fibre Reinforced Carbon (CFC/CFRC/CC)

CFC retorts for use in high-temperature furnaces. Application ranges up to 2800 ºC with inert gas or vacuum. Extremely low wall thickness of 4 mm.
Advantages: Reduction of thermal mass and, consequently, a reduction in the energy utilized, reduction of cycle times. Furnace is easier to service, because the retorts can be removed from the furnace by hand.

Soldering equipment for stainless steel heat exchangers utilized in vacuum and inert gas soldering units.
Dimensions: 2000 x 1200 x 650 mm. Special development for customers supplying the automotive industry.

Fiber Glass Reinforced Carbon (GFK/GFRP)

Used in Medical Engineering. Filled with liquid helium.
Operating temperature: -268º C
Helium leakage rate <6*10(superscript-9) mbar/lseg

Ceramic Matrix Composite (CMC) – (Friction and Sliding Applications)

  • Friction applications
  • Sliding applications

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