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Schunk Portugal - Electrodes Manufacturing in Graphite

We dispose of a high qualified team, which, from a 2D or 3D drawing of the piece or mould, elaborates the correspondent study, recommends the suitable graphite quality and develops the correspondent offer. After its acceptance by the customer, we start the modelation, programming and machining in any holder system (Erowa; System 3R or Hirschmann).

Please send us piece drawing/modelation in IGES form to: electrodos@schunk.pt


By choosing HK graphite you can be sure of an excellent option, since these are high quality graphite qualities, long experienced in the EDM industry. As long as you choose to manufacture your graphite electrodes by our team, you have chosen to work with specialist, avoiding the inconveniences of the dust produced during machining, thus being able to concentrate in your work, the “mould manufacturing”.

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