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Traccion (Railways)

Schunk has been developing and manufacturing top quality products for railway technology for more than 90 years. Schunk products, such as carbon brushes, brush holders, brush rockers, ground contacts, as well as collector strips, pantograph and third rail systems are used worldwide by renown producers and operators of high speed trains, long-distance and light trains, people-mover-systems, electrical trams and traction vehicles.

Carbon Brushes

Most modern traction vehicles are equipped with brushless motors, however due to the large percentage of installed motors with carbon brushes; Schunk keeps on investing in new material developments. After all, the average usable life expectancy of traction vehicles is 30 years.

The high market share that our carbon brushes enjoy is in no small degree due to our competent technical advice and the ambitious implementation of customer demands into new materials.
With Schunk, you can be sure that you will continue to have a dependable partner and supplier at your side.

The largest Product Range on the Market for Traction Brush Holders

Although the number of direct current and mixed current traction motors being built today is decreasing, there is still a very large number of such motors in use worldwide.

Schunk manufactures some 700 different train brush holder systems as well as complete brush rockers.

With this product portfolio, we cover the wide range of systems being used today.

Grounding Contacts

Schunk is one of the market leaders for grounding contacts and has suitable radial and axle end contacts in its product line for all applications.

The function of the grounding contact or device is to allow a safety connection, at any function vehicle situation, between return current connection and the one of the wheel axle. This transmission is made mainly by metallic elements, such as contact discs and brushes.

Our carbon-carbon grounding contact system revolutionized the technology and introduced new dimensions for extended maintenance intervals.

It differs from the traditional ones since the contact disk (metal) and the brushes (high metallic contents) are replaced by electro graphitic qualities, therefore achieving much higher performances, reaching the 4 millions Km’s, which dramatically reduces the maintenance intervals. It’s used in applications requiring low and constant resistivity to the sign transmission.


In the last years, Schunk has demonstrated its strength and innovative capacity with several technological advances. Discoveries as hydraulic pantograph damping, individually suspended sliding strips, double insulation by means of fully insulated mounting plate to the bogie and, bottom line, the optimization of current collector at high speed, are innovative concepts offering new perspectives to the railways companies.

Schunk has its own production facilities for pantographs.

Global Leader for Sliding Strips

A complete carbon sliding strip consists of the carbon strip which is fitted to or in a socket. The socket discharges the current and provides the carbon profile with mechanical stability against shocks and warping. Tested and proven base materials are utilized to provide protection against atmospheric influences (e.g. aluminum, copper, sheet steel and stainless steel).

Schunk produces carbon collector strips using the time proven clamp, solder and adhesive bonding techniques. All collector strips are characterized by their high degree of operational reliability.

Outstanding temperature resistance, stable performance throughout the usable lifetime, resilience to corrosion and excellent emergency-running properties are also standard features as is reliable current collection under extreme environmental conditions.

Schunk supplies sliding strips worldwide, greatly adapted to the working and transport conditions. Our sliding strips might be used in CC and CA systems, high speed (ICE/TGV..) worldwide.

We manufacture:

  • Sliding Strips for ceiling pantographs,
  • Sliding Strips for 3th and 4th rail,
  • Troleys sliding strips,
  • 3th rail shoegears.

For further information, please contact us!


Schunk manufactures switching and interruption contacts, along with accessories for contactors and electrical switches (medium and high-performance) for the low, medium and high voltage ranges.

These components are developed in close cooperation with manufacturers or on the basis of individual customer specifications.

In addition to contacts for OEMs and operators of contactors and switches, we also supply designs for almost all switch manufacturers. Naturally, these are suitable for both older contactors and new designs.

Others/ Services

We also offer our customers a pantograph repair and maintenance service, dynamic and aerodynamic measurement tests, as well as specialized training to its co-workers.

The pantograph contact force along its way is an important parameter, directly affecting the lifetime of all the system components, mainly sliding strips and catenary. In order to measure this force, Schunk disposes of the KM 11 device.

Please don’t hesitate contacting us in case you wish to develop a project in the traction field, where any of our products or services might be necessary. Our experts will help with the know-how acquired for more than 90 years in the railway technology, with experience in development, investigation , tests and measurements, manufacturing , maintenance and recovery; all meant to ensure a good performance.

Schunk Service for your Success.

  • Repair of pantographs, grounding contacts and others...
  • KM 11 (Measurement device)

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