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Schunk has been developing and manufacturing top quality products for more than 90 years, for industrial engineering in the fields of propulsion, generation and current transmission.

Many kinds of high quality carbon brushes, carbon brush holders, brush rockers, small current collector strips and current transmission elements can be found, for example, in:

  • Metallurgical plants and rolling mills,
  • Power Plants,
  • Ship and port facilities,
  • Handling and conveying engineering,
  • Measuring Technology,
  • Electroplanting equipment,
  • Wind power generators,
  • The plastic industry,
  • The wire industry,
  • The paper industry.

Carbon Brushes

Schunk contact products enjoy a distinguished reputation among industrial manufacturers around the world. Our materials for carbon brushes, carbon, graphite and various metals, combine excellent electrical and heat conductivity with a high level of temperature resistance. Our customers profit from the group’s know-how, for example in materials development, technical support and team work with the customer. Amongst the different industries which we serve, there are: cement, paper, sugar, plastic industries, wiring, metallurgic, wind power, power plant, electro planting, port facilities, galvanization, etc…

Carbon Brush Holders

Schunk has developed several hundred different models of brush holders and rockers for use in generators and motors. Schunk is one of the only suppliers in the world that can deliver nearly all kinds of holders from stock of manufacture them at short notice.

Custom-made and specialized products are no problem for us either.

Operators and manufacturers of electrical machines know that they can count on Schunk today and in the future.

Brush Rockers

Complete or partially-mounted brush rockers are used by manufacturers of electrical machines to lower and reduce assembly expenses and times.
These brush rockers are required in a variety of designs, depending on the electrical machine model involved and the requirements the brush rockers have to meet.

All components are manufactured in accordance with specific assembly templates, regardless of whether a brush rocker is supplied complete with brush holders or only with brush holder supports. This ensures exact fitting of the brush to the collector.

Collector Strips and e Galvanized Contacts

We supply small current collector strips to ensure precision in current transmission at movable consumables.

Another Schunk specialties are the galvanized contacts, for both industrial and traction application. The galvanized contacts are used in high voltage current transmission,as well as direct and mixed, and there are contacts made of copper, silver alloy and graphite.

In our program there are also:

  • Contact devices,
  • Accessories for goods transportation chains,
  • Current transmission for transport belts,
  • Contact spheres for electroforesis facilities
  • etc.

Flexible Current Connections

Schunk’s flexible current connections are used to electrically connect mechanically separated elements, by isolating them from mechanical vibrations and compensating dimensional variations and thermal dilation or hearth connection. They can be found in switch gears, electric powered machines, welding robots and galvanic equipment.

We have such a wide range of products as there are tasks for them to perform: shunt connections, flat or round, laminated connections with a great transmission performance...

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