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Renewable Energies

Schunk has been developing and manufacturing top quality products in the areas of renewable energies, such as the following:

Wind Energy

Schunk Products for wind generators:

  • Carbon brushes
  • Carbon Brush holders
  • Slip Rings System
  • Flexible Current Connections
  • Earthing contacts for synchronized generators
  • Earthing contacts; for lightning-conductors; for control pitch motors

Fuel Cells and Bipolar Plates

The commercial success of the introduction of polymeric membrane fuel cells (PEM) at the market involves necessarily the cost reduction of its components, which includes bipolar plates. In the past years Schunk has carried out extensive development in the field of new Technologies for cost-effective production of bipolar plates for the growing PEMFC and DMFC market.

Our material technology development targeted at a very high graphite contents of the plates in order to achieve an outstanding electrical conductivity together with an excellent corrosion resistance and both high mechanical strength and flexural strain. Molding Technologies have been applied to highly complex and finely detailed flow-field designs up to a size of about 415 x 415 mm, and in close cooperation with strong industrial partners we develop further advanced products, e.g. bipolar plates with integrated sealing on both plate sides.

Schunk has given one more step ahead, integrating different components in one product only,the complete stack. We have launched an innovative concept of fuel cell stack, which, due to its modular mounting, can be used in various applications:

  • Mechanization of bipolar plates for prototype systems according to your drawings
  • Adaptation of our material grades to the customer’s needs
  • Support to the manufacturing of bipolar plates

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