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The Schunk Group – Shaping the Future Together

Schunk - Pioneering Carbon Technology

Carbon Technology

Manufacturing Process and Material Properties of Carbon and Graphite Materials

EDM Graphite

EDM Graphite


Characteristic Data, Standard Materials

Bearing and Seal Technology, SiC30 – Silicon Carbide/Graphite Composite Material

Bearing and Seal Technology - General Information: Properties, Use as Sliding Material and Design Recommendations


Bearing and Seal Technology, Chemical Resistance

Tribon - The new dimension of carbon graphite materials

Sealing Rings for Dynamic Seals

Carbon pistons for internal combution engines


The future is hot – innovative materials and components from Schunk

Long-fibre rigid felt boards for insulation application

High-Performance Fibre-Reinforced Composites – The New Dimension for your Developments

UniGrid - Carbon/Carbon Composite Modular Fixture System

Our fast service for your cold furnace. C/C Profiles, Plates and Fasteners

Schunk Fiber-Reinforced Polymers – Your Innovative Ideas can become Reality!

The Future of Fixturing Systems - C/C – An Alternative to Steel

Perfection in Purification and Coating, from the Ariane to CZ

Small Motor Technology

Perfect Power Transmission for Fractional Horse Power Motors - Carbon Brushes and Brush Cards by Schunk


Perfect Current Transmission for Railway Technology

Schunk-Service for Your Success - Overhauling for Pantographs, Grounding Contacts and More

Schunk – Your Partner for Innovative Railway Engineering

Third-Rail - Systems from Schunk


Perfect Current Transmission in Industry

Schunk Products for Wind Turbines

Contacts and Connection Components for the Galvanizing Industry


Carbon Brushes and Brush Systems State-of-the-art Technology for Automotive Power net-fed Electric Motors

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